You may want to get an attorney to help with this so that you are sure you are covered. Thank you so much Tim!!! The site handles the delivery of the product via electronic delivery through our shopping cart 1shoppingcart. We outsourced our product label design to a great firm, and are super excited about the results. Lastly, a lot of Chinese customs are completely different to western ones.

Amir, I am a bit late with this, but your story is an inspiration. I also would have started the Facebook fan page right away. The accessory were little rubber adhesive pads that attached to the current hard plastic buttons on the console. This is an outstanding post, and perfect timing. Usually the following business transactions cause earning of revenue and their recognition in accounting: Thanks for this, Tim! I really like this series; I appreciate your analytical approach to goal achievement, as though it were an engineering challenge.

Where did you register your domain URL? The key is that we only create products we would use, then we strategically think about the best way to market the product to ourselves. That alone would have made musf biggest overall impact in every area of the business, IMO!

4hww muse case study

Kauffman Foundation will help connect people. What do you LOVE to consume and sell that.

4hww muse case study

Chris, I love the muse forum idea. Really would have thought you might have asked how many hours they worked to receive said revenue.


Engineering a “Muse” – Volume 4: Case Studies of Successful Cash-Flow Businesses

Inspiring me to get back to narrowing my muse, right post at the right time for me. This post including all the links … has made me act.

In the beginning, almost nothing happened, but then the mentions started to snowball. Many times I see a product online and wonder if they really make money from it. Having read all your case studies, there is I believe only one that can really constitute being an information product, the vast majority seem to be physical products. Great stuff and Holla Atcha Boy!

I keep mine secret!

4-Hour Case Studies | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Hey Tim, Thanks for this post. Miltownkid and Haitham Alhumsi I love your points. Not exactly Buddhist, but great for recharging.

Can you recommend places to go for meditation, quiet, and yoga? My simple advice to any entrepreneur: I believe that potential customers who see your product in-action not only understand it better but are also more inclined to purchase.

The market is there for my product, but smaller than I had anticipated to split mus me and my competition. Well, since I had left my job as CEO and my wife mise no longer working as a Pharmacist, our income went to zero.

4-Hour Case Studies

Just another perspective, Tim Like Like. Digital products are never going to be money-making ventures for people who are not computer geniuses.


musse If you think this idea might work contact me by email and we can go from there. T he Four Hour Work Week is very clear that with these two currencies all other things are possible and without them, nothing is possible. If so, would you describe them?

Since the end goal is to create a new voice at least once per month, we send a survey for voice suggestions including a space to write in your favorite to our customers. DynastyDC — Programming is something you can outsource.

Muse Examples | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

I saw your interview with Tim as well. I am a HUGE fan of these types of posts. Inspiring to see what others xtudy done, make it that much more real. If a USA product is a hit in Japan, it is typically a huge hit. If this muse ever comes to work out I would like everyone to be treated fairly.

Remember what Fonzie was like?

Came here as an Illegal emigrant, started driving semi trucks and now a founder of a Inc.