It may be directed at all linguistic levels but primarily the lexicon. Ako smo se prije vratili morali bi platiti, vratit taj put. A religious society called Croatian Catholic Community was established in in Brisbane and the Croatian national Church was also established in Australia, which for some functioned as the only connection to the homeland. According to her, this is sometimes due to the shame evoked by the poor public opinion of the Croatian community. The first stage was preparing the modules according to the previously acquired information about the respondent.

She also switched codes in the next sentence, when speaking about code switching, probably because the expression pidgin X does not have an equivalent in Croatian, i. Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies. But the economic situation in Croatian was not any better, and they did not have anywhere to go, so they ended up returning to Australia. An integrative review of the literature. In a group of Croatian immigrants in Australia founded Croatian Revolutionary Brotherhood Hrvatsko revolucionarno bratstvo ,which promised to use weapons if necessary to reach their goal of freeing the Croatian people. It may be directed at all linguistic levels but primarily the lexicon. This is the ideology of territorialisation, according to which a certain language is associated with a certain geographical location, especially a certain country.

Colic-Peisker56 This could be explained by the age of the immigrants. They took up a job as soon as they were able to and started dressing and acting similarly to others in Australia.

She copied the English model csae putting the new information at the end of the sentence, since there are no cases in English as in Croatian which would signify the agent.


According to Finegan, the standard variety is considered to be the variety to be used in public discourse Finegan The respondent used the Croatian equivalent of the preposition, instead of the Croatian one.

Likewise, she is aware of the significance of knowing the English language for the Australian Croatians, especially for employment, but also so they can improve the status of her immigrant community among Australians whose native language is English.

A jel mislite da je bolje kad neko govori standardnim jezikom ili dijalektom? Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

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Toga jako puno ima. The line can be drawn at the age of twelve, since migrants who have started learning L2 after that age are almost always recognized as non-native speakers. Classes are usually taught on weekends.

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But the economic situation in Croatian was not any better, and they did not have anywhere to go, so they ended up returning to Australia. John Benjamins Publishing Company. The results show that the respondent has not acquired full competence in English, but she has never had any negative experience with native speakers of English in Australia.

Ja sam postala Australka puno prije nego sam znala jako dobro engleski. Jako puno, jako puno.

Dynamics of Language Contact. The system of chain immigration was a very important concept for the early settlers. Croatian emigration was notorious for their terrorist tactics in getting attention for their cause and trying to achieve their goal of independent Croatia. Bilo je toga dosta.

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The two words in Croatian and in English are synonyms, but the word pronounced was the English word with Croatian pronunciation and morphology, i. According to Wodak, it studies real, and often extended, instances of social interaction which take partially linguistic form. Bilo je i toga. Labovoffers several guidelines for recording the interview: Croatian Australians still socialize and organize various events in order to maintain their cultural identity.


The respondent is liberal towards languages and does not consider one language to be better than the next or one dialect more valuable than some other. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: In her book, she writes about hearing numerous claims from her Croatian Australians interviewees about negative stereotyping. Skip to main content. Immigrants very often mix their two or more languages, which is a phenomenon referred to as code-switching. The bilingualism of her English production is evident in the sentences she pronounced in English when she wanted to illustrate how she communicates with her Australian friends and neighbours.

She is aware that her production in English is not native-like. The aim of LCV is to observe how people talk when they are not observed, but it cannot be conducted without observing.

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Immigrant communities of Victoria. She does not consider the standard variety to be better than dialects of the Croatian language.