Lesson Learned 32 — Having a high-quality content helps in generating high CTR, better engagement, and lead generation. Google Adwords in arguably the most used platform when it comes to online advertising. Lesson Learned 19 — The ideal audience perceived by you might not always be correct. Review the performance and capitalize where most performance is achieved. It is essential that you keep on monitoring and optimizing your campaign- especially at the start. This is one of the video ads they were using. So seeing the video ads were proving better, they went on creating multiple video ads.

Furthermore, just to give you an example of creating a Killer Facebook Ad, see this the ad buffer created for the Page Likes campaign. Lesson Learned 25 — Have multiple images and copies of your ad in hand before starting a campaign. This is particularly helpful if you want to convert your blog subscribers into warm leads or paying customers. This is the case study and key insights from Noah Kogan who has spent millions on Facebook Ads so far. He was targeting a very little set of individuals.

This was far less than the industry standard in health and wellness. But at such stage, most businesses give up rather than realizing their mistakes and optimizing their campaign accordingly. From the people that clicked on from his Facebook Adsalmost clicked on to the affiliate link. For startup businesses and bloggers, getting new subscribers for their blog is sdvertising challenging. He in an active user of most advertising platforms and this is what he found as the cost to reach tucjerman-sawyer using popular advertising channels.

If you set your targeting right, you will still be able to get the required traffic.

tuckermwn-sawyer Such as mobile users were engaging far more than desktop users in this case so apparently it makes sense to pour more budget here.


Try video ads too.

It might sound a lot of work but gains are immense, and you can use it over and over again. People browse Facebook for casual fun, catching up with friends and family — but not to being sold. He tested three different targeting groups where; One group was his existing email list. As we saw from earlier case studies, narrowing down on your target audience is much more beneficial than broadening it.

The Ultimate List of Facebook Ads Case Studies (+ 38 lessons you can’t ignore)

Such as these are some examples of a personalized ad. He calls this is the Elope Approach. So regardless of how competitive your niche is, there is still an opportunity for to score dirt-cheap leads. Lesson Learned 32 — Having a high-quality content helps in generating high CTR, better engagement, and lead generation.

case study tuckerman-sawyer advertising

Not only it creates awareness for your business, but you might also score a handy traffic and some sales too in the process. Brian got the best response from the custom targeting he set up. So there you have it — an in-depth review of the best handpicked Facebook Ads Case studies from nearly all types of businesses with variable objectives. Initially, they were getting a higher CPC. Lesson Learned 17 — There is no barrier to the type and cost of the product you are selling — you can even sell a high priced product using Facebook Ads.

So where possible try to use a personal looking photo of you or your employees, instead of stock photos. Design Pickle identified that they could use retargeting with better effect. Lessons Learned 35 — Facebook Ads can be used for any objective — even if its finding or increasing new subscribers for your blog. Campaigns focused on bringing in hundreds of thousands in revenue as well as bringing in low-cost leads. Lesson Learned 2 — Start with a small budget and capitalize on the ads targeting which is giving you the best ROI.


Such as in this case he tested two ads on two different landing pages giving him multiple segmented audiences. So when he showed the sales ads to his existing audience, a high relevance score for imminent as these people already knew him.

case study tuckerman-sawyer advertising

Lesson Learned 33 — Use your Facebook Ad effectively to list all the value you are providing. Particularly important was the Facebook Ad relevance score.

A high Facebook Ad relevance score helped your ad not being flagged by Facebook and delivered to your targeted audience.

The Ultimate List of Facebook Ads Case Studies (+ 38 lessons you can’t ignore) – Connectio

Tucckerman-sawyer the sales casee from the first page, he was able to score valuable leads via the second ad and landing page. It is best to use Facebook to drive them to opt-in to your lead magnet before pushing them your product. As like more people starting off with Facebook Ads, he made some classic mistakes such as; Targeting was not set correctly.

They spent a little more on the video ads, but have 18X more engagement and were 3.