You are commenting using your Facebook account. Skip to toolbar Log In Search. Between the last application and now i think i have matured professionally and have a better understanding of the application process. I recommend thinking about the ten core competencies of clinical psychologists and how you may already be developing emerging skills and experience in these areas. Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Google account. If after submitting your form you are unsuccessful, read through your form and think about why and what you could possibly improve.

The whole process is undoubetdly harrowing and the above pointers are really aimed at people who fulfill the basic criteria — you need ot be realistic about whether this is for you. Personal Statements for DClin application: What is it you are hoping to help them with? July 3, at 1: You are commenting using your WordPress. To help you visualise what 3, characters looks like in a word document when written in Arial size 12… It can just about fit on to one sheet of A4.

Writing the Clinical Psychology doctorate personal statement.

Obviously people who are, dclipnsy have been, on the selection board for courses have indispensable opinions to be received. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What insight did it give you into the practice of clinical psychologists or academics in that field?

I recommend thinking about the ten core competencies of clinical psychologists and how you may already be developing emerging skills and experience in these areas. What makes you you.

Include any publications you are an author or co-author on including internal reports or things that have been submitted but not yet publishedas well as conference presentations or posters, and reference these correctly using APA or BPS format. This brings me on to how you write and set out your application. I also think it is really crucial to include some indication that you have a work life balance — i.


Do you have personal experiences that drive this motivation? Email required Address never made public. Being able to write an application to suit both could be incredibly tricky to do, never mind the restrictive character limit!

dclinpsy personal statement examples

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I have recently completed my doctorate in clinical psychology and am now a qualified clinical psychologist and have supervised and shortlisted assistant psychologist posts. If you know anyone who is in the field — ask them to read over your form and stattement their thoughts also take them with a pinch of salt, as like this dclinpsh post, it is just their opinion.

Are you being realistic ddclinpsy the help you can give? I will apply again this year and was always the year i was hoping to make the interview process at least. So, for example, I would mention in application forms that I loved the challenge of every day being different when you work with children.

DClinPsy – the dreaded application process | Robin Ward

For further discussion on reflective practice, see here. The most dreaded part of putting the application together is undoubtedly the personal statement which is only 3, characters in length which includes spaces! Unfortunately, these sort statdment judgements will be made based on your form, so polish it up to be the best it can be! In all seriousness, it is good to be aware of and realistic about your limitations another common interview question is about your strengths and weaknesses and this is an important skill as both a practitioner and a researcher.


Clearly this can be answered in a multitude of different ways. Self-care is paramount in this profession and it is important that xeamples practice what we preach.

Someone without this is at risk of burning out, so take heed! We asked her about getting on in clinical psychology and how to apply for training and assistant posts. I will share some of those insights here. University Website, Personal Statement Advice: See more of Clinical Psychology: If our time is restricted, we unfortunately have to cap applications in some arbitrary way.

Polishing your clinical psychology job/course application to a shine

You are commenting using your WordPress. What is it you are hoping to help them with? If it says, for example, that existing experience of working with persomal with mental health issues is essential, then this is exactly what you have to have and you must also demonstrate this clearly in your application in order for that box to be ticked.

Here I really wanted to outline the many trials and tribulations I found whilst putting together my personal statement for my current Clin Psych doctorate application, and am hopeful I was not the only applicant to experience these challenges!

dclinpsy personal statement examples

Start writing early as you will undoubtedly have many drafts. Midlands Health Psychology Network Organization.

Or that I am passionate about involving carers in research as I feel they often get overlooked.