Initially, participants were being planned to include inside the study. Hence, this indicates that no matter whether a person is male or female, he or she will treat homosexuals with the roughly the same attitudes. Seow, Harrison Wenbing Online furniture shopping using augmented reality. Lim, Edwin Chui Seng Evaluation of high temperature boiler tubed using iterative analytical approach. Tan, Siew Hui Morphological characterization and sequence analysis of 5. Attitudes toward homosexuality 36 Appendix A Research Title: Ng, Epin Gender classification from facial images.

Lo, Chin Kim Simulation and construction of luminescent solar concentrator. Foo, Shin Loong Study of dc-dc boost converter efficiency using capacitor as energy input. Evidence on Malaysia Top Listed Companies. Wai, Fung Mei Employee perceptions on whistleblowing in workplace: Selective power-gated address decoder.

Ow, Chun Onn, Jonathan Effect of calcination duration towards the physical and chemical properties of molybdenum-doped vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst. Lee, Shin Rou Dielectric resonator antenna reflectarray elements with under-loading slots. Yeo, Alvin Zong Yun Texture classification using wavelet transform and support vector machines.

Leow, Ruey Shyan 3D object ufar using multiple-view geometry: This is because in most of the religious point of views, homosexuality can be considered as a sin and totally forbidden by particular religious groups. This is due to the fact that Malaysia is an Islamic country that does not condone homosexuality since the nation proscribes homosexuality as a sin. A Study on Job Stress.


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Khong, Johnson Utilizing first hop redundancy protocol to mitigate the effects of denial-of-service attack. What is Your Attitudes towards Homosexuality?

Paratuberculosis in bovid contacted soils. Tan, Song Lim Posture detection of smartphone users using deep learning. Foo, Che Toang Factors affecting online purchase intention.

Final Year Project – Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Koh, Siong Lee Development of sustainable power system for developing economies. Lo, Chin Kim Simulation and construction of luminescent solar concentrator.

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Aw, Yee Shan Isolation and identification of burkholderia speceis in soils and various water reservoirs. Ang, Wei Bing Development of iterative analytical procedure for boiler tube analysis in matlab.

Lim, Sheng Loke Design of multifunctional microstrip patch directional couplers and stepped-impedance slotline power dividers. However, the results from the research may not able use to generalize to the entire population in peninsula Malaysia.

Chan, Siew Ling Synthesis and antioxidant activity of Prenylated Xanthones derived from 1,3,6-Trihydroxyxanthone. Homosexuals should be forced to have psychological treatment.

fyp thesis utar

A Case Study in Selangor, Malaysia. Teh, Esther Theng Yinn Communicating csr to consumers: Ng, Wei Lin Diversity studies of fish and shrimp species in disused tin-mining ponds of Kampar, Perak.


Therefore, the acceptance for the homosexuality people thesks actually being slightly acceptable by students.

Lew, Wen Xiong Smart information system personal expenses advisory system. The role of technology.

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Tee, Yu Hon Development of autonomous amphibious vehicle maneuvering system using wheelbased guided propulsion approach. Chua, Kah Keong Development and analysis of spatial domain and transform domain watermarking technique. Chew, Kean Chai Cell phone controlled home electrical appliances home automation with power line carrier technology. The case of Hang Seng index. Hence, it will be likely that boys would show more negative attitudes and beliefs toward homosexuality than girls across all the measures.

Leong, Pei Lee A study on the implication of independent directors in Malaysia. Tan, Dennis Eng Beng Sleep disolder recognition system. Stella Morris stellam utar. Goh, Wen Bin Authentication tool for picture based passwords. Palancychamy, Prakas Physical and chemical properties of bimetallic doped vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts.

Hoo, Mei Hui Constructing secret sharing schemes based on cyclic.