In corruption cases, zero tolerance can be effected only when the law of the land reigns supreme. Fragile economy — FDI shrinking on account of terrorism and political instability 2. Having strict check on the inflation would increase the standard of living of the general masses at larger scale. Media should also be used as a highly effective tool to disseminate awareness on the hazards of corruption. Another country Brazil set a precedent by impeaching and removing its President Dilma Rousseff in August

How to Promote Accountability Culture a. Its apparent manifestations can be seen in the declined public health, illiteracy and poverty. Iskander Mirza replaced an elected government with Martial Law, he not only abused politicians but also denounced the constitution as unworkable. Sharif was first in the queue of accountability, the process must not stop with him. Examples from the Western World 6. Sword of accountability should not be used to remove democratically elected governments and install military regimes or favoured political parties. Parliament, a toothless tiger 2.

Pakistan, a soft state because of inability of implementation of policies due to lack of consensus Economic causes 1.

Definition and concept of good governance. Every other day a substantial number of innocent citizens, who are just silent spectators, are targeted by the law enforcement agencies.

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It is not only about decision making, policy formulating but also priority settings, implementation and getting results. Role of civil society 8. Privilege of franchise j. If Pakistan is considered under the said definition, it gets obvious that the governments of the country failed most of the time in governing it well.


Crisis of good governance

Sections of this page. Our country is eessay from weak institutional set-up, political instability, rampant corruption, lack of accountability and transparency and bad law and order situation. Equality in the biological creation of men and women b.

Head of the family m. Strict enforcement of law and accountability f. Rising unemployment, poverty and inflation g. De-politicization of administration e. Sections of this page. Direct punishment are awarded b.

The entire nation must think and act as one nation and collectively contribute for the prosperity of the country. Inefficient law enforcement agencies. It has become a esasy in our society rather than an exception.

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In Pakistan, during the military rules, the institutions of givernance, legislature and even judiciary have brought into governanc of the ruling dictator. Jahangir’s World Times Magazine.

Freedom of media Status of good governance in Pakistan: The military has ruled Pakistan for half of its history since gaining independence from the British in When corruption becomes a part of system or, in more appropriate words, becomes a system in itself, people lose trust even in their elected representatives.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address govrenance not be published. Government should have control on the hoarding mafia, particularly those involved in the hoarding of eatable commodities.


Burden of debt iii. Public participation in policy-making.

good governance essay jwt

No sane person would deny that the most effective weapon against corruption is education, which is rightly called a panacea and an antidote to all forms and manifestations of the poison of corruption. Huge spending on protocols and luxurious lifestyles of government functionaries eats up the budget that would otherwise be spent on public welfare.

It has been contested for a long time.

Pakistan’s commission for human rights stated that people committed suicide in Augustpredominantly out of economic crisis. Good governance can also be termed as the effective use of power, legislation of policies, transparent accountability, and development of human resources and supremacy of constitution with the absolute rule of law. Even UN Peacekeeping Forces were not held accountable for their human rights abuses and for their involvement in cholera outbreak in Haiti in Monday, October 01, National accountability Bureau was formulated in after military coup by general Musharraf, but the sad fact is that the said body suffers from corrupt practices and lack of accountability within itself, making it a laughing stock in the eyes of other national institutions.