The question was very sharp and I gave a major repair. Physics Duration of Peer Review: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Including citations that relate directly to the work you are submitting can show that you have a track record and history of research in the subject area. Engineering and Materials Duration of Peer Review: And thank you for your comment.

I have learned a lot from your guide lines on the subject. In general, work cited in the cover letter should be your own. They are as follows:. Feel free to use this template to construct your cover letter, and modify it according to your needs. The comments are also very professional and pertinent.

The reviewer suddenly changed it today. They are as follows:.

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After the description of your study, provide a brief statement of how or why the work cove relevant to the scope of the target journal and of interest to its readership. Next, provide a brief but compelling description or jkmm of the most important or interesting findings addressed by your manuscript. The winners will get valuable prizes! It is important to provide direct responses to all comments made by each of them and by any any other reviewers.


How to write a great cover letter for a scientific manuscript

Spin-torque oscillation in large size nano-magnet with perpendicular magnetic fieldsHttp: The first reviewer is more inclined to experiment, and the second reviewer is more inclined to simulate. On the other hand I have a question regarding citations: Our administrator will review and update the journal description promptly.

Dear Edgardo, Thank you for your comment. Do you could provide to me and example about how to mention that the current work is a continuation and extension of a previous published work?.

First of all, Happy New Year! Editors read many cover letters each day and may simply skim over letters that are longer than a few short paragraphs.

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This paragraph should confirm that: After the revision, the review was reviewed for 10 days. Engineering and Materials Duration of Peer Review: I can’t find a reviewer in July.

Usually give a major repair, no more minor repairs, it is recommended to receive. They also pointed out grammatical errors. Similarly, as per your template to construct a cover letter, it seems okay, e. Informed consent was provided humansand appropriate ethical standards were followed humans and animals —if relevant.

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I am currently preparing a cover letter. Doing this does not guarantee that your manuscript will receive a peer review, but failing to do this may reduce the chances that your work will stand out and be taken seriously. We previously showed that arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF are more common in tidal salt marshes than was previously thought and that these mutualistic relationships improved the photosynthetic capacity of Spartina patens over plants that were not colonized by mycorrhizal fungi Figueroa Millan et al.


As a reviewer several times, the review time is one month, and the interviews are all articles of domestic universities. The present one is a follow up investigation of our previous report.

Please suggest me some advice to improve my english language. See a sample summary and statement of relevance here. Thank you for your comment, and good luck with your cover letter and manuscript.

jmmm cover letter

Dear Gustavo, Thanks for your comment and question. See a sample opening statement here.

Your review informs others about the journal. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. I appreciate your endeavor to support the junior and young researchers.