In the third category were determined the , relating to the survey questionnaires distributed to the various local stakeholders. Besides the role that tourism plays if these conditions worsen [on this topic see: Another critical aspect that emerged in the Project concerns the non7homogeneity of data and indicators adopted within the analysis, in the diverse territorial contexts. Proceeding of World Conference on Sustainable Tourism Once identified, these criticalities will provide a framework for information that will:

Each geographic area involved in this Project has identified a partner who had the role to promote the project initiatives at the local level, to gather data on drafting the Analysis, and sharing the various project outputs with the other local partners. To meet these needs, the first step of the experimental project was to outline a methodological approach that aimed at integrating and connecting the private initiatives with the public policies that, through the involvement of multiple actors operating at local level, were able to 1 These are, for example, the Agencies of Tourism Promotion, the Public Tourist Offices, the Tour Operators. Le persone interessate possono inviare il loro Curriculum Vitae allindirizzo. On the other hand, to assess more broadly the possible effects on the environment of plans and programmes already established at the local level to support the development of tourism. These investigations, therefore, have highlighted the willingness of tourists to “appreciate” the eco7friendly choices that are offered by the tourist industry, without a definite orientation to induce their preferences towards this type of offer. Secondly, the project has highlighted the importance of local consultation and dialogue to support development practices in the tourism sector, compatible with environmental protection.

The project has therefore shown the opportunity to establish a body representing the public7 private interests some sort of Organizing Committeewhich is really able to own the results of analyses and lead the activities at the local level; and be entitled to do so by the largest possible number of actors.

Scarica il mio curriculum. Besides the importance for the protection of the environment in this specific sector, as described previously, in the recent years an increase of the environmental awareness of tourists must be registered. On the basis of proposals presented by the scientific partners, and with the contribution of all other partners, it has been possible to develop a method that, despite being suitable more to a single enterprise where the processes of evaluation and planning of improvements are certainly more widely disseminated it has proven to be particularly suitable to a local logic.

The project aimed to analyse the context of sustainable tourism development within the European Mediterranean area, focusing on five areas presenting tourist contexts where the are diversified environmental pressures and perspectives for tourist development3.

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With reference to the of the target area, it must be able to measure the contribution in terms of environmental performance that tourist flows provide to a certain territory. Moreover, the experiences to date have shown the efficacy of a inclming service system that represents, in a logic of territorial marketing and distinctiveness of an area, dii factor of undeniable advantage.


In sum, the project has thus demonstrated the applicability of a model that does not require specific requirements of homogeneity to be feasible, but has instead offered evidence on the potential to develop this process in diverse areas, subsequent to a proper initial analysis of the context itself.

Based on the above preliminary evidence, this contribution will bring the experience of a research conducted under a project co7financed at European level, and that had businesz the purpose of experimenting on a local scale, a methodology aimed at enhancing the potential tourist attractiveness of the territories involved, and outline the growth of tourism consistent businees the protection of resources and of the natural heritage.

Renn, Rohrmann,Crucitti, ]. These factors can sometimes seem to contradict each other: Simultaneously, the tourist market has expressed, operrator an ever more practical way, to appreciate new ways through which the “quality of the environment” of the service can be enhanced.

Based on the description of environmental analysis of the target area provided by the analysis of first level, we pass to a specific analysis of second level that should focus on the activities existing in the area with particular reference to those related to tourismwith the goal to drawing connections between them and the impacts and the responsibilities of the different actors.

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Vari servizi di catering, extra negli anni precedenti. In this respect, all the Project local partners and the scientific partners committed to pursue what planned, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding aimed operafor disseminating these initiatives related to sustainable tourism in the respective territories. In order to have a complete and detailed picture as possible, the stakeholders had to fall within the following categories with a target of at least 2 subjects for each category: The categories of actions were the following: The indicators here considered are built ad hoc on the characteristics of the type of tourism in a given area, and whose sources of information must be obtained directly from the actors eg.

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Hence, it became operqtor in the course of action at local level a gradual increase of the interest of the different stakeholders to participate actively in the project activities, so to ensure that the development of the Strategic Plan was the result of a more participated and shared approach possible. This survey can be achieved through direct tools survey questionnaire direct to the publicor through indirect tools analysis of complaints to the supervisory or consultation for major categories considered to be representative tiur the local population.


Additionally, it needs to be considered the importance of implementing appropriate communication systems that allow to transfer externally and in particular to local groups of companies and tourism intermediaries the results of local development strategies resulting from the processes of consultation, complementary to their implementation and exploitation face to the possible end7customers.

Motivations related to the changing demands on the one hand, and the criticality of the environment and the potential compromise of a key resource on the other, have been joined in recent years by some eminently competitive pressures, which have extended the environmental sensitivity to many other stakeholders in order to qualitatively differentiate the service provided [ Brown,Hu, Wall,Ayuso, ].

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Previous Article i didnt do my homework yahoo. Finally, an element that the project did not develop, but which should become the central part of a strategy of local development and promotion of the sector, is the set up of a modekli and marketing plan.

The set up of a monitoring procedure has in fact initiated a process that need to be further consolidated.

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While this approach certainly has its own justification in terms of individual strategies of companies, transposing it to a territorial scale, the importance that a system of local tourist services can have in terms of attractiveness of an modwlli growth, and of its competitiveness, in comparison with a similar vocation, can be immediately understood.

Il mio vitze, Length: In brief, what it is required is the structuring of a development path beginning from a comprehensive awareness of the existing potentialities, and of the critical aspects of a given area and based, in a planning phase, on the active contribution of all stakeholders public, private, representatives of civil society, individuals, etc.

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Finally, one last lesson learned from the project concerns the close interlink existing between methodological severity of the analysis and the contingency plans. In the Province of Lucca, where there was an established tradition of collaboration and participation among stakeholders, the Strategic Plan was directly brought to opegator attention of decision makers, who has integrated it within the Action Plan outlined in the process of Local Agenda Ospedaliera e dei Servizi Farmaceutici delle Aziende Sanitarie ,concerning the evaluation.