Singh, Manish Suitability study of ripper-dozer combination in Indian mines. Gupta, Garima and Dhara, Alok Ranjan Estimation of exact equivalent parameters of synchronous machines for power system studies. Jena, Ankita Improved authentication mechanism based on elliptic curve cryptography. Agarwal, Sonu Speed-flow-density study of two different Indian roads and their comparisons. Singh , Nitish Kumar Hydrodynamic characteristic study of a three phase co-current trickle-bed system.

Gautam, A Study of various methods for the removal of arsenic contamination in groundwater. Sutar, R Multi objective optimization of cutting parameters in turning operation using Taguchi method. Swain, Abhishek and Nayak, Somya Geotechnical properties of fiber reinforced pond ash. Priyadarshee, Om Pritam Bearing capacity of pond ash overlain by sand bed. Naaz, Farha Fabrication of chitosan based nanofibers by electrospinning and their characterisation. Sahoo, Soubhagya Truck allocation model using linear programming and queueing theory.

Kumar, Gaurav and Sahu, Saujanya Kumar Design of rourkel ash dyke for seepage and stability analysis. It disseminates the available information in Odia language treasured in our local libraries and individual collections.

Maheshwari, Baby Comparision of different algorithm for the segmentation of handwritten indian annotations.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Kalika, Mallikarjuna Experimental investigation of Carbon dioxide absorption in a rourkwla bed tower. BirajiRanjit Kumar An in silico approach towards breast cancer therapy using Hsp90 as target.

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Pahuja, Sahil Designing an algorithm using active noise cancellation for development of a headphone in heavy noise industry. Mahapatro, Soumya Ranjan Control algorithms for a two tank liquid level system: YAG Thexis for transparent ceramics.


Kumar, V Simulation and flow analysis through different pipe geometry. Minj, Amit Prem Prakash Green supply chain performance assessment: Panda, M A study on the quality of the water-resources of cuttack city. Kuanr, Debesh and Tripathy, Lokanath Accuracy improvement in odia zip code recognition technique. Bhushan, Ravi Interaction of hsp 90 with p53 and Its mutated form and their comparison.

Yadav, Rajiv Kumar An experimental and simulation study on parametric analysis in turning of inconel and GFRP composite using coated and uncoated tools.

Nayak, Sarthak Study of chip breaker on turning of stainless steel. Tiwari, R and Sameer, S and P. Priyadarshee, Om Pritam Bearing capacity of pond ash overlain by sand bed.

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Pramanick, Puloma Classification of electroencephalogram EEG signal based on fourier transform and neural network.

Raj, Kundan and Sood, Sidharth and Panda, Amlan Prateek and Panigrahi, Sridhar Kumar and Pabba, Abhimanyu An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation of synthetic slags prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides. Senapati, Sambit Kumar and Krishna, A. Hota, Gangadhar Hydrodynamics studies of inverse fluidised bed.

Nayak, Tanmaya Kumar and Kandi, Rudranarayan Comparative study of various beams under different loading using finite element method. Pradhan, Rosalin and NagAmit Production of ethanol from bagasse.


Kumar, Trun Automaic Text Summarization.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Behera, Siddhartha Shankar CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. Singh, Orurkela Design of concentric driven serial chain robot wrist.

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Satpathy, Subhransu Mohan and Dash, Praveen Dynamic analysis of cantilever beam and its experimental validation. Garnaik, Mohita Mohan Effects of highway geometric elements on accident modelling. Sinha, Rahul Recovery of liquid fuels from oil bearing seed.

Nag, Arpit and Panda, Satyajit Study on carbonization of nonwoody biomass species. Yadav, Utkarsh Multi-criteria decision making approach for vendor selection.

Mallick, Sarada Prasanna Gelatin based emulsion hydrogels as a matrix for controlled delivery. Swainswaraj Preet and Dalai, Srilokanath Real time pedestrian detection and tracking for driver assistance systems. Gupta, Arpit Synthesis and Characterization of barium titanate-cobalt ferrite composite.

Shekhar, Shashi CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent. Dhakal, Pushpa narayan and Singh, Digvijay Tribological behaviour of zirconium di-oxide ceramic. Yadav, Ritlal Kumar A study on mechanical behavior of surface modified jute fiber reinforced epoxy composites.