Vinayak Agarwal says 3 years ago. In India also We are keeping up. Ironically, he comes to the former student to brag, but instead he reveals himself as a man whom progressive thinking has left behind as he lives “just on opposite house’s backside. Thus has too many grammatical error, just so you know. If you find the pictures blurry you can download the book by clicking the following https: The very first lines give detail about the nature of the professor. Whole world is changing.

The poem mocks the fact that the changing trend of smaller families requires the grudging approval of such elders. And of course it’s the husbands that matter more. Ishita sinha says 3 years ago. The poem is composed in Indian English and the poet mocks Indians who finds prestigious to speak in English, even when they are not so good in it, rather than in their mother tongue. My wife died some years back.

The car is a token of richness in India. It really helped me in my assignment??. Whole world is changing.

Everything is happening with leaps and bounds. Humanities teach human values. Our progress is progressing. It’s like he’s assuming that the student assumes that he has retired because of poor health.


It has to be read with an Indian accent and intonation to convey the message and the spirit of the poem. Even the erroneous sentences have been used in to carry forward the talks. You might also like More from author. The question is from a retired Geography professor to one of his former student.

In the name of value people are forgetting the old. It gives me lot of knowledge.

Summary of The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel – Beaming Notes

Old values are going, new values are coming. Thanks a lot ur notes really help in last minute preparations.?? Nissim Ezekiel’s Other Poems.

What is the best summary for the poem “Snow-Bound”? What is the summary of the poem The New Comer?

The Professor Poem by Nissim Ezekiel | Summary & Analysis

Comments about The Professor by Nissim Ezekiel. Labels 1 sem add-eng 1 sem gen-eng 2 sem add-eng 2 sen gen-eng. Tenzin says 4 years ago.

the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

With this question the professor wishes to declare that he is not one. In India also We are keeping up. What is the summary of the poem ‘Let evening come’? If you are coming again this side by chance, Ezwkiel please my humble residence also.


the professor by nissim ezekiel essay

Getting serious, now – this poem, although hilarious and ironic, is also depressing. By God’s grace, all my children Are well settled in life. Smriti Sharma says 3 years ago.

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Robin Hutton via photopin cc. Whole world is changing. Ishita sinha says 3 years ago. Ok, fine, what he means to say is that the times are changing and so are the value systems. Their husbands are very nice boys.

The lines depict the hypocrisy of the professor. Save eessay name, email, and website in essau browser for the next time I comment. Again, after boasting himself again, he asks his student how healthy he is.