The plasmids were transformed with the three bacterial strains: However, some genetic changes may still be driven by adaptation. The first zinc-binding site in the B1 MBLs is composed of three histidine residues, while the second contains an aspartate, cysteine, and histidine Figure 1. The initial gene is mutagenized, creating a diverse pool of mutants that are expressed in bacteria. Smith was one of 5, casualties taken by the Canadians on that day, but he was one of the fortunate ones: I sought to determine if our directed evolution experiment accurately reflects this natural evolution by comparing the mutations obtained in nature to the high frequency mutations acquired by round 18 in the three trajectories. Variation at this position would likely have a substantial disruptive effect on the ability of the enzyme to bind the zinc ion, negatively affecting catalysis and the overall fitness of the enzyme.

For example, in TEM-1, Ser70 performs a nucleophilic attack on the antibiotic after Lys73, acting as a general base, 14 abstracts a proton from Ser The nucleotide and amino acid mutational rates for the five trajectories. Every fourth round in the T and T10 trajectories is visualized as a line with each data point representative of the growth of that population at the given concentration of ampicillin compared to its uninhibited growth in duplicate. Further, these changes demonstrated host specific tendencies, as the improvement in resistance was diminished in K. Saturation mutagenesis was used to create a comprehensive codon mutagenized library for VIM-2, which was transformed with E. Will their specificity narrow as their catalytic ability for a smaller subset of antibiotics increases or will they maintain their broad substrate specificity?

While the pI of NDM-1 only decreased slightly from 5. Hong Fang ; Karolinska Institutet. TEM featured a combination of three mutations that had been previously lactsmase four years earlier in a laboratory after the triple combination was obtained through the random DNA shuffling of other TEM-type variants Stemmer It has been recognized as most common bacterium in different wards of hospitals throughout the world 1.

While the specific mutation, RH, has not yet been identified in natural variants, it is likely that any mutation at this position could alter the catalytic activity mrtallo substrate specificity of the enzyme.


An amino group from the pentapeptide ,actamase the acceptor glycan strand can then attack the acyl-intermediate to complete the transpeptidation, releasing the enzyme Lovering et al. However, this instead results in irreversible formation of an acyl-enzyme product and complete inactivation of the enzyme.

A third potential avenue by which pI may influence expression is through changes in solubility and functionality within the cytoplasm and periplasm.

thesis on metallo beta lactamase

Search for dissertations about: The frequency of natural non-synonymous mutations was mapped onto the primary sequences of the mrtallo MBLs Figure 3. The overnight culture was used at a 1: The resistance provided by the round 18 VIM-2 variant is still 8-fold above the wild type, which likely reflects the 6.

Jundishapur J Microbiol ; 6: It is unknown whether this is a result of reduced sampling i. The majority of the predicted ratio can be recapitulated by four mutations that were identified to have specific effects on fitness.

For the next few decades, it remained a laboratory curiosity with no clinical relevance. Interestingly, the improvement in the directed evolution appeared to be partially or fully host specific, which suggests that the MBLs were adapting to the host E.

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Our understanding of the dynamics of genetic drift is still incomplete due to the limited number of genetic drift experiments that have been performed and the short time-scales they are often restricted to. InHoward Florey and Ernst Boris Chain began a project to survey all known antibacterial agents produced by microorganisms and came across penicillin.

The predicted and measured substrate specificity ratios for the round 21 variants of the VIM-2 meropenem trajectory. InFallah et al. Although primer pair sequence of bla SPM-1 used in our study was the same as what was used by Franco et al in Brazil, but this MBL gene was not detected in our study, confirming the results obtained in another study from Iran While this explains the general mechanism by which the MBLs may have arisen from their superfamily, it does not provide a specific explanation.


Carbapenemase-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa from central Greece: The size of the lcatamase points incorporates the error for each average. This suggests that mutations in the catalytic domain for these two MBLs may also be affecting the host specificity, in addition to changes in the signal peptide. However, these correlations are still not as strong as those that take into account both catalytic efficiency and functional periplasmic expression.

In doing so, I can investigate how genetic drift can influence the phenotypic diversity within the family and the emergence of new functions in the superfamily, while also determining the extent by which epistatic interactions can constrain MBL evolution and function. I performed all metsllo and wrote the lactamzse in collaboration with Dr. In recent years, megallo infections with MBL producing strains of this organism have emerged.


Second, that the broad specificity is not a selected trait, but rather an emergent property that is a byproduct of their unique active-site structure. They also do not account for the myriad of more advanced medical procedures that are now reliant upon the established use of antibiotics i.

thesis on metallo beta lactamase

Interestingly, despite the increased divergence, the reversion of two mutations acquired in the initial evolution appeared to be critical to the restoration of broad specificity. Nobuhiko Tokuriki, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Metllo, between and the publication of this thesis.

The plasmids were transformed with the three bacterial strains: Thus, the expression of MBL enzymes is highly dependent on their sequences, but it can also be dependent on the host organism.

thesis on metallo beta lactamase