At this point, the shopper has likely got a solid idea of what they are looking for, and content should support and reinforce the purchase decision. I called up Center Parcs expecting very little — but I was in for a surprise. Make sure your site design translates to smaller smartphone screens as well as it does to larger tablet and desktop ones. Don’t just pay attention to style-your content also has to be consistent across channels and campaigns. Businesses that do the best job of helping users in these Zero Moments of Truth will beat out the competition. Here are a few big ideas from the ebook, with quotes from featured executives. Turning up is half the battle, but if users are then put off by content that is not optimized for their device, then you will lose the chance to influence those users.

Given the age of these stats and the stratospheric rise of smartphones and the mobile internet, we can only imagine these statistics are conservative at best. In most cases, a user would have been exposed to a stimulus — be that some advertising or even possibly word of mouth — that set up the FMOT. Improve page load speeds by leaving out huge graphics and Flash content. Email will not be published required. Businesses must be transparent. When faced with multiple products, the time it takes for a shopper to make a purchase decision between them is usually three to seven seconds.

Let me give you an example: You can use these tags: Try adding a YouTube channel to your social media arsenal. According to a study by Google who came up with the ZMOT conceptbefore deciding whether or not to buy: Don’t be afraid to track mobile marketing separately from other web campaigns; according to Google’s study, mobile-only campaigns perform Brand Consistency If there’s no stylistic connection between your company’s main website, your social media pages, and your offline marketing campaigns, shoppers are bound to get confused or challenge the legitimacy of your online presence.


A huge part of succeeding at ZMOT is being able to define and understand your target audience, in order to provide them with specific experiences attuned to their needs.

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5 big ideas from Google’s “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth”

Mobile tech and devices are crucial to this process. Make sure your site design translates to smaller smartphone screens as well as it does to larger tablet and desktop ones. However, we can loosely categorize the types of content that our users need at each stage caae this new user journey and buying cycle. Staff authors are listed here.

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This Third Casf of Truth means that when I talk about this holiday now, I advocate for the brand with a positive message about my experience rather than thinking back to some of the more scandalous pricing in the park they have problems at the Second Moment of Truth. And customers will grow ever smarter in their purchase research.

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Ads are no longer as effective as they once were. The second cawe of truth is when the customer uses your product. Improve page load speeds by leaving out huge graphics and Flash content. Mobile Optimization Back in the day-uh, about 10 short years ago-marketers knew more about their products than their consumers did, and had the luxury of acting as the gatekeepers of brand information.

zmot case study

Here are some things to consider when doing so: By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Use the search engine to help you research your customers.


Not only are consumers seeking information about your products, but their searches also allow you to gain insight that helps you give them exactly what they’re looking for. You already know people are talking about your brand on the Web, so you need to do your utmost to embrace and be a part of that conversation. ZMOT is a fantastic way to gain awareness on customer interest and satisfaction; putting these various methods to work for you will keep your brand in the forefront of shoppers’ minds and attentions, giving you the ability to trounce your competition and make the sale.

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zmot case study

Keep branding elements and logos consistent between all your marketing channels, so consumers trust that they’re exactly cas they need to be and know precisely who they’re dealing with. Personalization helps online marketers connect consumers with the product advice most suited with their particular need, which can lead to a desired purchase.

5 big ideas from Google’s “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth” – Bazaarvoice blog

Be there to answer all questions and support those users, and you are ensuring a positive second moment of truth and brand experience. When we are looking at credibility, it is crucially important to review the landscape and understand all the potential locations for presenting a positive reputation. Much like a typical sales funnel, we must go from awareness stimulus through to the sale, and ideally, to post-sale recommendation.

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