Now, I think I should point out that P has another useful report called Week Parting which shows the same information but it is for the days of the week instead of hours of the day. Here are the stats during this time period:. We are all experts only when we believe we are! Now, filter those offers by payout. Fary owns and operates his own affiliate marketing blog, Up Web Traffic.

If you are tracking your campaigns , it would be easy for you to compare your traffic sources and stop any bad traffic that is not converting. If the answer was yes for all previous questions then you have a winning keyword! Here are the stats from 7Search for that period for the campaign: Because 7Search is a pay-per-click network which is what I focus on, I do not get involved with CPM advertising as a general rule the two numbers I care about the most are Clicks and Cost. Something you may not know is that 7Search has a Campaign Scheduler feature which lets you set the hours of the day that you campaigns will run. Once you do that, it will map correctly and PeerFly can correctly postback to you. I can better explain my situation with an example:

Ads Marketing: 7search Cpa Case Study

How much deserve one email subscriper in 7esarch niche? That leaves 3 and 4 being the only landing pages left running at this point because they showed the best results. Day-Parting Optimization The next step that I do when optimizing campaigns is to look at the day parting report in P for the campaign. Now whenever you send a click through P to any offer in PeerFly and it converts, PeerFly will automatically send some data to you. Could you possibly shed some light on this issue for me?


Referral-Based Optimization The last optimization tactic I am going to cover today is referral-based optimization.

7search cpa case study

There are a few things I would do: 7seafch someone who is a recent convert to all things PPC, I have to say that the advice in this post is a real help and has stopped me leaking money on 7Search. The highest payout offers will appear at the top of the list. Its good to see you got profitable with optimization.

I believe that is only true with some keywords. Feel free to comment if you have any questions. This campaign ran from Tuesday January 29, until Monday February 4, 7 days total. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Well, I know that many successful strategies suggest that you would search for a high converting offer so that you know other affiliates are using it and you can use it too.

7search cpa case study

Once you do that, it will map correctly and PeerFly can correctly postback to you. Here is an example:. This is an eye opener, new 7search had something hidden in her underwear…. The method depends on direct linking where you just send people to the offer landing page without creating your own one. If that is the case, are you then sending your 7Search traffic to your P link, which does automagic split testing? I can better explain my situation with an example: Thanks Are you driving the traffic to a landing page or a direct link to the offer landing page.


7search cpa case study

Once again, thanks for the article Christian…. Should I use Prosper instead? Ive tested some campaigns on 7searh and i got one that seems pretty profitable. To successfully establish a profitable campaign you will need to do a lot of testing and learn the best ways stusy make money from it. This is the case with 7Search traffic as well.

7search+Peerfly case study

Either way, 2 and 5 could be removed from the rotation at this point which I did when I initially reviewed the data. If the answer was no, never 7serch it. Now some of the numbers in P do not necessarily agree with what 7Search is stating. My name is Christian Little and Luke asked if I would mind putting together this posting for you on how I have been promoting PeerFly offers with 7Search.

I still wonder why you chose this keyword offer more than others.?

7Search and Prosper Optimization Case Study

Did you notice the highlighted keyword in the Delta Airline Tickets offer? Only block affiliates that send you 7seatch good number of clicks that do not convert i.

Setting up a 7search campaign. I am building my own Email list.