As per our clinical criterion, all the fever cases with joint pain or arthralgia were considered as cases of Chikungunya fever unless they were proved otherwise. In a study which was carried out at a village in the Villuppuram district of Tamil Nadu, Out of the 8 blood samples which were taken from clinically suspected Chikungunya fever cases, 5 A pretested proforma was prepared, which included the identification data, socioeconomic data, the information regarding the fever, its duration, the associated symptoms, the knowledge regarding the symptoms and the spread of Chikungunya, the health seeking behaviour, etc. Paramethrin was sprayed in this area. A community empowerment and mobilization is crucial for the prevention and control of Chikungunya.

The fever tended to last for only days. The concept of “dry day” meant, the weekly emptying of water containers, scrubbing and washing them, drying them, refilling them and covering the containers on the fixed day by all the community members. Ayachit for giving us permission to undertake this study. A door to door survey was done to enlist the fever cases. Indian J of Community Medicine. Content Search box Breadcrumb.

chikungunya virus dissertation

Paramethrin was sprayed in this area. A population of from households was covered.

PhD thesis defence Stefan Metz: “Chikungunya virus-like partcle vaccine”

Three main laboratory tests are used for diagnosing the Chikungunya fever: Hence, the prevalence was calculated to be 9. A multipurpose worker from the Primary Health Centre accompanied us, who distributed paracetamol tablets to those who needed them, as per the doses which were prescribed. Find articles by A. The Chikungunya epidemic at vellore ,Soth india including observations on concurrent dengue. The knowledge regarding the modes of prevention of the Chikungunya infection among the respondents was as follows: There was an outbreak of this disease in Kolkata in Sincere thanks to post graduate students and field staff of the urban health training centre for their kind cooperation and team efforts in collecting the data.


In the affected area, Epidemiological investigations of chikungunya epidemic at Barsi,Maharashtra state, India. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Concurrently, by using pamphlets which were printed in the local Marathi language, we educated the local population regarding the personal, family and community protection against mosquito bites and the mosquito source reduction. The maximum number of cases was in the age group of years. Durgawale3 and A. A door to door survey was done to enlist the fever cases.

At the community level, it is important to ensure that there are no collections of water in household vessels or around dwelling places.

A majority of the cases The fever tended to last for only days. In another study, The prevention of the disease requires a planned approach, besides knowledge and awareness on the early warning signs.

The containers were examined for the presence of mosquito larvae and pupae by using a flash light. Abstract Background and Objectives: Epidemics of fever, rashes and arthritis which resembled Chikungunya fever were recorded as early as in in India and elsewhere [ 2 ].


In the epidemic affected areas, there was an intermittent water supply; every 4 th or 6 th day, the water supply was there.

Chikungunya is an arthropod born arboviral infection. However, in a study which was conducted in an urban field practice area of a private medical college of Chennai and in an outbreak at Vellore, south India more females were affected than males [ 1112 ]. Age groups Sex Male No.

PhD thesis defence Stefan Metz: “Chikungunya virus-like partcle vaccine” – WUR

The median duration of the fever was three days and for joint pain, it was four days in dissertatoin acute phase [ 11 ]. Chikungunya, Health seeking behaviour, Vector, Joint pain.

The outer surface of these particles is completely similar to the real virus. Content Search box Breadcrumb. Homepage on the internet.

chikungunya virus dissertation

Gastroenterol Hepatol14, Stefan Metz Virologist at Wageningen University have developed an experimental vaccine that consists of so-called virus-like particles VLPs.