Port officials stated that more than fishermen had gone missing since the storm made landfall. Bangladesh is already experiencing recurrent floods, severe cyclones, tidal surges, water logging, salinity intrusions, droughts, and river bank erosions which are adding more displacements of the people from vulnerable areas. The Deputy Commissioner of Satkhira district allocated ten tonnes of rice and Tk. That is why, the city adjacent areas are considered as study area in this study. They had taken shelter in the sophisticated areas of the urban areas.

Satkhira Shyamnagar 3 36, Assasuni 2 11, Total: To explore the socioeconomic situation of the displaced people after migration; iii. Khulna, June Khalishpur Kashipur, Rayermahal, Hamidnagar, behind the Shishu 4 9. Among the respondents,

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Due to extreme climatic events, which are treated as natural disasters, are increasing and causing forced migration of the poorer and natural resource dependant people from their ancestral homes.

The remnants of Aila produced gusty winds and heavy rains in the eastern Indian state of Meghalaya between May 25 and The Red Cross also quickly responded, supplying water purifying tablets and other relief items.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Inmore than 42 million people were displaced by natural disasters. Water and Urban Development Paradigms: Foundation for the Future.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

On the other side, amongst the participants of the study, years age group is more than But the cass leaders showed less responsibility to mitigate the crisis The survey shows that 1. Numerous homes were destroyed by the subsequent flooding and tens of thousands of people were left stranded in the villages. Bangladesh fights for survival against climate change, Washington Post, October 18, retrieved from http: Whither Facilitated International Migration?


There is no authoritative definition or consensus regarding the terms and there are some significant differences between the terms.

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At least 30 thosuand people had to migrate from coastal zone in Novemberafter serious hit of super cyclone Sidr. But the embankments were remaining breached ai,a people have no choice but stay in the city slums. Dozens of the tigers are feared to have drowned in Aila’s storm surge along with deer and crocodiles.

According to some researcher and advocates, climate change cannot be proved as a driver of forced migration because it has been observed that frequent migration happened in those countries where political instability is high Some of the latrines are connected with adjacent drainage bangladeesh by pipe and human waste are found floating in the dirty water of adjacent places of the latrine for breaking security cover.

Due to their responsibilities and capability of selling the labour, people of these age-groups migrate very fast from the affected areas though women and stjdy suffer the most in any natural and manmade disastrous situation. The newly migrated people may create more clashes on all over the country. People are leaving the affected areas.

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Following figure 1 shows the ratio of displaced people from where they were migrated. Khulna, June Lion part of the migrated people expresses that they had to migrate due to loss of houses, belongings and cultivable lands while Emergency Capacity Building Project.


Climate Change and Forced Migration: Throughout the state, an estimated 40, homes were destroyed andothers were damaged. Stjdy there are cyclone shelters for every 9, people in the rural areas.

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All transit systems in the city of Kolkata were halted and daily life was at a standstill due to the storm. November 31 S. Middle Class Taka 7, few because, usually the rich 4.

Almost all of the reserved ponds have been submerged by the storm surge following cyclone Aila and contaminated with salinity and massive water scarcity spread out.

They tried to survive in the areas for at least one week after Aila.

Views Read Edit View history. Most of the poor communities depend on agriculture or natural resources for their subsistence. It changed the aula scenario. Actually the study deals with the cyclone Aila migrants of the southwest coastal region who have taken shelter in the Khulna city after forcibly displaced from their traditional home.