Western Education and Library Board Closed organisation: The service has been a huge success with customers. It is important that we provide flexibility, reliability and openness to meet the needs of our staff. Defence Storage and Distribution Agency Closed organisation: National Radiological Protection Board Closed organisation: Customers can also use the service to re-apply for their driving licence. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Closed organisation:

Defence Analytical Services Agency Closed organisation: Sutherland Inquiry Closed organisation: The management of the contract will continue until 31 December The case is dealt with by a single magistrate, sitting with a legal adviser, without the attendance of either a prosecutor or defendant outside of the traditional courtroom setting. We will continue to strengthen our relationships in so that our customers can be part of our journey to deliver our strategic plan. The current twice yearly assessments at mid and end of year will be replaced with on-going monthly assessments. We will then decide whether or not to to extend the availability of working across the agency.

Delivering the plan 4. Social Security Agency Closed organisation: Welcome to our Business Plan forwhich sets hmcrs our key performance measures and financial forecasts for the year.

Royal Parks Royal Parks Closed organisation: We will then decide whether or not to to extend the availability of working across the agency.

Commission for Racial Equality Closed organisation: We will ensure that managers are fully equipped to deal with all attendance management issues and return to work adjustments for staff when required. This year we will increase awareness about this service to encourage eligible customers to move away from the paper channel to the online service.


Legal Services Commission Closed organisation: The role will look to build partnerships with civic society groups and leaders. Our aim is to provide the very best services to our customers and stakeholders, delivering effective and fair enforcement as well as value for money for the taxpayer.

hmcts business plan 2014

Our focus is on creating a working environment people, management, processes, systems, tools and estate which supports civil service values and behaviours.

Monitor Monitor Closed organisation: Over the next 3 years we will be moving our business and technology to more agile and cloud-based services. Horticultural Development Council Closed organisation: The last year has been one of great achievements and significant change here at DVLA.

Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Closed organisation: DVLA has a robust enforcement regime in place and together with the police and local authorities, we will continue to enforce against those who do not pay their vehicle tax.

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Tenant Services Authority Closed organisation: Office of the Data Protection Registrar Closed organisation: Forest Service Closed organisation: We will continue to invest in innovation and the development of staff to make this a great place to work, proudly serving the UK from Swansea.

The tachonet network acts as a central hub for exchanging information between EU member states responsible for issuing tachographs in-vehicle recording 204 to enforce rest periods and monitor the driving times of professional businesa.


hmcts business plan 2014

We have built up an established network of groups and forums across our customer base 22014 strong relationships that deliver the requirements of our members. DVLA is committed to active corporate social responsibility. Britain has some of the safest roads in the world and our driver licensing rules play an important part in keeping our roads safe.

Business Plan 2017 to 2018

Delivering the hmmcts 4. We have already substantially reduced the amount of paper we use by putting more of our services online. Milk Development Council Closed organisation: Mental Health Act Commission Closed organisation: To ensure continuous improvement, we will follow the agency attendance plan for all hmcst of attendance including prevention, management and rehabilitation. As part of this, the agency works with local schools, colleges, universities and support agencies to offer a range of flexible work experience opportunities.

hmcts business plan 2014

We are currently undertaking a major restructuring of our IT services to deliver a flexible organisation that is capable of delivering our IT Strategy. Our Business Plan sets out our key performance measures for the coming year and provides a framework to ensure that the necessary finance and resources are available to deliver our Strategic Plan Design Council Closed organisation: Westminster Education Action Zone Closed organisation: