In our daily lives, we need to acquire the kind of nutrients that our body needs in order for us to do things and to execute our works every day. Many experimentation in food making was done using malunggay leaves and other parts of it. The proposed project aimed to offer a healthier twist of a popular Pinoy Pandesal. Many people face problems of high cholesterol regardless of their age and status. The supervisor is one of the owners. Combine malunggay, salt and sugar in water in another clean bowl. According to the article of Artie Sy of SunStar on October , featured Malunggay as a humble tree, it is also said to balance sugar levels, hence it is helpful in the fight against diabetes.

We love to eat whenever and wherever we want to. Indeed, foods are not just a need for us but as well as an interests. The factors affecting the demand of the product; 4. The basic rules in customer relation will be: Clearance to operate your business. It shows the present findings in our market research. It is also good to know that malunggay is abundantly available and inexpensive in our country and even can be planted in our own backyards.

Food Technnology: Invasion of Malunggay Bread

This is why we give importance and a good focus on the market which we put first in our consideration. Core Values Customers are the focus of everything we do. By Marvin F Malinao. She added that in every other day, they produced or more malunggay bread excluding fixed deliveries. Help Center Find new research papers in: Every early morning, Filipinos make it a habit to buy bread from sari-sari bread store or panaderia since we are fond of eating bread as replacement in eating rice.

So try to explore your kitchen!


Malunggay Bread Thesis Paper

Employees shall be prohibited from smoking while preparing and baking malunggay pandesal. Core Values 11 IV. Filipinos usually pair it with their favorite cup of coffee or milk and sometimes, it is also served during merienda or snacktime. Combine malunggay, salt and sugar in water in another clean bowl.

(DOC) Feasibility Study of Malungay Pandesal | rodel isaguirre and Darlene Medina –

Though these bakeries were established and prominent in the market, the main objective of our business is to produce a more nutritious and delicious pandesal — Malunggay pandesal. We love to eat whenever and wherever we want to.

Malunggaj will be optimizing the use of different forms of advertisement to gain the attention of the target market that we had in mind. For this brand perception that we formalize, we would like to linger the interest of the buyers and also the consumer with our version of Malunggay Pandesal. No person shall sit or lounge or be permitted to sit, lie or lounge upon any of the tables, shelves, boxes or other equipment or accessories used in connection with the production, preparation, packing, storing, display or sale of bakery products.

malunggay bread thesis

However, the owners may also hire someone they knew personally and is qualified for the position. Partners of the business will be in-charge of the over-all management in terms of financial, production and marketing aspect of the business. Many experts considered Malunggay as seven times the vitamin C in oranges, four times the calcium in malunggaj, four times the vitamin A in carrots, two times the protein in milk and three times the potassium in bananas.

It takes only a week before the permit will be released to know if there is no other name of this type. The proponent has shown the details on how to arrive to this argument. The basic breac in customer relation will be: Advertisements shall be posted to places near the proposed store location.


malunggay bread thesis

It is also good to know that malunggay is abundantly available and inexpensive in our country and even can be planted in our own backyards. I am not a bread lover but I am a malunggay lover. Boxes and other permanent receptacle bred containers for the storing, receiving or handling of bakery products shall be so placed and constructed as to be beyond the reach of contamination from streets ,alleys and sidewalks and from animals and shall be kept clean and sanitary by the bakery.

malunggay bread thesis

Based on our efficient study about putting up this business including market research, financial analysis, survey analysis and many others, we assumed that DaJeReRo Panadero has gained income on its first year of the operation, and it will be profitable in the next coming years. Mix flour, powdered tyesis, yeast in a clean bowl. Some people also sell it through house to house using their bicycles or motorcycles.

The logo has stars in it which symbolizes excellency.

Add the lard for shortening and roll it malknggay elastic and smooth. Grease a large bowl with oil. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Cut it into rectangular size or into desired sizes according to you.

Enjoy every bite you make while gaining nutrients and vitamins. Identifying Respondents Below are the tables with the results of the population study.