Near his home, there are old women carrying firewood. As the storks flew northward the Negroes were marching southward–a long, dusty column, infantry, screw-gun batteries and then more infantry, four or five thousand men in all, winding up the road with a clumping of boots and a clatter of iron wheels. They control the banks, finance–everything. Sometimes, out for a walk, as you break your way through the prickly pear, you notice that it is rather bumpy underfoot, and only a certain regularity in the bumps tells you that you are walking over skeletons. It nibbled rapidly at the bread, then lowered its head and tried to butt me, then took another nibble and then butted again. Except for a day or two after the rare rainstorms there is never enough water.

Gazelles are almost the only animals that look good to eat when they are still alive, in fact, one can hardly look at their hindquarters without thinking of mint sauce. Sometimes, out for a walk, as you break your way through the prickly pear, you notice that it is rather bumpy underfoot, and only a certain regularity in the bumps tells you that you are walking over skeletons. For several weeks, always at about the same time of day, the file of old women had hobbled past the house with their firewood, and though they had registered themselves on my eyeballs I cannot truly say that I had seen them. All of them are mummified with age and the sun, and all of them are tiny. In the essay, Orwell relays information from his perspective in order to demonstrate the meaning he wishes his readers to understand. She answered with a shrill wail, almost a scream, which was partly gratitude but mainly surprise.

This essay demonstrates how poorly man-kind is treated. In a hot country, anywhere south of Gibraltar or east of Suez, the chances are that you don’t even see him.

marrakech george orwell thesis

Orwell expresses a tone of fear near the end. The Complete Works of George-Orwell. Instantly, from the dark holes all round, there was a frenzied rush of Jews, many of them old grandfathers with flowing grey beards, all clamouring for a cigarette.


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An Arab navvy working on the path nearby lowered his heavy hoe and sidled towards us. But what is peculiarly pitiful is that it is the most willing creature on earth, it follows its master like a dog and does not need either bridle or halter. Every white man there has this thought stowed somewhere or other in his mind. Also, when he lit the cigarette in the bazaar, hundreds of peasants surrounded him, trying to get a cigarette from him that they otherwise would have no way of obtaining.

In a tropical landscape one’s eye takes in everything except the human beings. Orwell points out that none of these peasants work less than twelve hour days, and yet a cigarette is a luxury the cannot afford.

Firewood was passing–that was how I saw it. Not hostile, not contemptuous, not sullen, not even inquisitive.

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At his side his grandson, hhesis six, is already starting on the simpler parts of the job. When you walk through a town like this–two hundred thousand inhabitants, of whom at least twenty thousand own literally nothing except the rags they stand up in–when you see how the people live, and still more how easily they die, it is always difficult to believe that you are walking among human beings.

marrakech george orwell thesis

Also, when he describes the poor carpenter, working his lathe and chisel, he explains how so many years of this labour has left him with a warped leg. This man is an employee of the Municipality.

Therefore, this essay could also be illustrated as a descriptive type. Many of the streets are a good deal less than six feet wide, the houses are completely windowless, and sore-eyed children cluster everywhere in unbelievable numbers, like clouds of flies.

All colonial empires are in reality founded upon that fact. He looked from the gazelle to the bread and from the bread to the gazelle, with a sort of quiet amazement, as though he had never seen anything quite like this before. Index Index Essay Other Authors: After absorbing his surroundings and the events that take place around him, it amazes him that what he sees in front of him are people.


I would argue that this essay is a narrative essay.

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Superb Writing Services for Students. The peasants possess no harrows, they merely plough the soil several times over in different directions, finally leaving it in rough furrows, after which the whole field has to be shaped with hoes into small oblong patches, to conserve water.

I stopped her and put a five-sou piece a little more than a farthing into her hand. They slumped under the weight of their packs and the curiously sensitive black faces were glistening with sweat. Orwell also uses cause and effect.

Orwell goes into great detail describing Morocco as well as all the people and places. When you go through the Jewish quarters you gather owrell idea of what the medieval ghettoes were probably like.

While he noticed the firewood going by, he mentions that for several weeks he never saw the old women, just the wood. And really it was almost like watching a flock of cattle to see the long column, a mile or two miles of armed men, flowing peacefully up the road, while the great white birds drifted over them in the opposite direction, glittering like scraps of paper.

Still, a white skin is always fairly conspicuous.

Some examples of how well Orwell gets his point across are as follows: