Kanungo, Sibasish Modelling of loads in power flow analysis. Tripathy, Siddhartha Intelligent Robotic Navigation. Das, Ritesh Ranjan Geo-engineering properties of fly ash. Khandelwal, Samir Designing a Valveless Micropump. Iswal, Soumit Kumar Two wheeled balancing robots are based on inverted.

Sahu, Uttam Kumar Environmental friendly iron oxide based magnetic nanomaterials: This repository is an attempt to make all locally produced theses more visible to global users. Nag, Arpit and Panda, Satyajit Study on carbonization of nonwoody biomass species. Sahu, Pratoh Sourav Optimization of process parameters involved in laser bending operation using taguchi experimental design method. Sowmya , Tontepu Naga and Marandi, Debati Optimal filter design and switching loss reduction in single phase grid connected Inverter system. NiFe2O4 nanocomposites prepared by microwave and solid state route. Bhawna , Gauatm Image compression using discrete cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform.

nitrkl phd thesis

TaraiSmrutyunjaya and RohithV. A molecular dynamics simulation study. Kumar, V Simulation and flow analysis through different pipe geometry. Kumar, Rahul Biogas production by two-stage thermophilic and mesophilic biodigestion of kitchen waste. Singh, H K Prediction of shear strength of deep beam using genetic programming.

Marandi, Amit Kumar Scalability planning for reconfigurable manufacturing system using simulated annealing. Soni, Ajeet Kumar Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing bacteria from oil contaminated soil.

Nitrkl thesis

Singh, D Ocular impants: Kantha, Shravan Kumar Study of the microstructure of dolomite doped alumina. Rai, Chandan Free vibration analysis of straight and horizontally curved steel I-girder bridges.


Dhakal, Bijay A study on the effect of fiber loading and orientation on mechanical behaviour of jute fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Yadav, Satyendra Determination of thermal conductivity of tissue mimicking gel.

Kar, Ashishman CFD analysis for natural convection of a vertical tube with various fin configurations. SorenSangita Deciphering molecular mechanism of amyloid inhibition through docking studies between amyloid beta peptide and selected small molecules. Dash, Vaibhav Bulging Test of Aluminium at room temperature. Das, Suvra and Sahoo, Bikash Ranjan Studies on adsorption of surfactants on solid-liquid interface and its importance in slurry-rheology.

Jain, Pavan Kumar and Md. Kalyan, Kumar Prabhu High heeled gait analysis of ankle joint forces using force platform. Mohanty, Siddhant Exploring potential drugs against Scrapie disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease using molecular docking techniques. Nayak, Deepak and Mahapatra, Himansu Shekhar and Kumar, Navin An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation with synthetic slag prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides.

Kochupyloth, Pauljin Preperation of hydroxyapatie-alumina coated zirconia composites. Tiwari, R and Sameer, S and P. Mohanty, V Simulation of methyldiethanolamine-carbon dioxide-water system using equilibrium approach. Marndi, Balabhadra frequency measurement of aluminium beam with multiple cracks. P, Dhanush Experimental studies on heat transfer augmentation for flow of liquid through circular tubes using twisted gi wires with and without baffles as insert.


Tirkey, Pretty Sapna Implementation of coverage problem in wireless sensor network based on unit Disk model. Sahoo, S Study on the effect of the effect of different raw materials sources on spinelization and densification of MgO-Al2O3 spinel.

nitrkl phd thesis

Majumdar, Abhishek and DasSubhrajeet Out of nitrk vibration of curved beams. Mishra, Surabala Structural, electronic and optical Properties of chalcopyrite type Semiconductors.

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Gupta, Rishi and Namdeo Pendam, Ashish Navigation of mobile robots using artificial intelligence technique. Kumar, Abhijeet Development of low cost filter using herbal technique.

Naik, Ashok Kumar Developing a location based reminder application on android platform. Soren, Rajendra Laboratory investigation of stone matrix asphalt using bagasse fiber. Udent thesis is used to take at least 30 days to finish complete evaluation cycle before proceeding to the final resultOnline Attendance Monitoring Thesis Pdf Online Attendance Monitoring Thesis Pdf.

Asses, Properties, Synthesis Mechanisms, Characterization. Alur, Sidramappa Experimental studies on plate fin heat exchangers.

Empirical Evidences from Indian Banking Industry.