R, Ganesh Geo-engineering properties of sedimented flyash deposit stabilized by lime pile. Mahapatra, Lipsa The effect of strain rate on jute fiber composites. Kumar, Avinash and Kalsi, Satwinder singh “Reduction kinetics of iron ore pellets made by addition of size fines in conventional pellets”. Sahoo, Shubhashree Influence of amorphous calcium phospahte on the properties of calcium phosphate based cements. Maliye, S Regenerative and anti-lock braking system in electric vehicles. D igital Library of India 2.

Annavajhala, Mrudula Energy integration in sponge iron plant using heat of waste gas. Saha, Saurav A study on effect of fiber parameters on mechanical behavior of natural fiber based polymer composites. Singh, H K Prediction of shear strength of deep beam using genetic programming. Kalyan, Kumar Prabhu High heeled gait analysis of ankle joint forces using force platform. Bhattacharya, Sumana Numerical Investigation of Biogrout: Das , A and Singh, G Plastic deformation and failure studies near a void for copper-aluminium alloy via molecular dynamics simulation. B, Mallikarjun Response of extended eulerbernoulli beam under impulse load using wavelet spectral finite element method.

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PareAakanksha Hydrodynamics of three phase fluidized bed using low density particles. Pandey, A K Simulation of traffic movement in vanet using sumo. Sultana, Benazeer Assessing the suitability of coarse pond ash and bottom ash as filter material. Mishra, Pradeep Kumar Nonlinear static analysis of magnetostrictive laminated composite plate.


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Singh, Ankit Transverse vibrational Analysis of simply supported beam. Champatiray, Amreeta Experimental study for determination of infiltration rate of soils in field using double ring infiltrometer. Gupta, Garima and Dhara, Alok Ranjan Estimation of exact equivalent parameters of synchronous machines for power system studies.

Sethi, Sanghamitra Characterization of interfacial integrity and its implication on mechanical behavior of FRP composites. KumarAvinash An adaptive hysteresis band current controlled unified power rpurkela conditioner.

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NayakPravasish Effect of copper on the initial stage sintering of alumina. Youldash, S Seismic behavior of reinforced concrete buildings under varying frequency contents.

Baral, Ansuman Flexible job shop scheduling operation. PatnaikAshish Kumar Level of service criteria of roads in urban indian context.

TMita Kumar Image adaptive watermarking using wavelet transform. Ekka, Philomina Effect of binders and plasticisers on alumina processing. Mishra, Pushanjeet and Panda, Abhisek Kumar Load balancing and power factor correction in power distribution system. Ray, Saroj Analysis of combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with alternative fuel by thermodynamic modeling.

Bhoi, Manas Ranjan Creep onliine of rock.

online thesis nit rourkela

Mohanty, Mamata Geotechnical properties of lightly cemented fly ash. Ohid, Soumya Aditya Bullwhip effect in supply chain management. Pati, Soumya Ranjan Synthesis and characterisation of activated carbon and its study on Cr VI removal from water. Kumbhar, Yudhistir Microstructure and properties of AE42 magnesium alloy and its composite.


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Pragnya, P and Sarma, S Measurement of synthetic high alumina blast furnace slags in the laboratory. Tiwari, R Performance study of routing protocols in nif mobile patient monitoring network.

Dash, Anil Kumar Large amplitude free vibration Analysis of composite plates by finite element method. Kumar, L Software fault prediction using object-oriented metrics.

Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Grandhe, Jagmohan Rao A novel off-line character recognition: Kuram, Ramaraju Studies on physico-chemical characteristics and microbial diversity of top-soil collected from proposed coal mining area of Latehar district, Jharkhand.

Hansaria, Utsav Gait studies roudkela normal and hallux valgus affected individuals. Mishra, Prerna Determination and characterization of lead free solder alloys.

online thesis nit rourkela

Sahoo, Manjulata Improved performance of dynamic random access memory. Mandal, Abhijeet Gravitational Search Algorithm: KumarShiv Ranjan Design of plant layout having passages and inner structural wall using particle swarm optimization. Kumar, Mukesh Effort estimation for object-oriented system using artificial intelligence techniques.