In letter after letter he asked for these details. September 22, at 3: But newspapers had taken note of VOC. Harvey brought him into increasing conflict with the British Raj. Nationalism is or ought to be not merely a political creed but a religious aspiration and a moral attitude. He died without selling his soul. Chidambaram and Subramanya Siva led the strike.

VOC finished his major political work by , but died in late , the passion for freedom still raging in his mind till the last moment. In Thirunelveli shops, schools and colleges were closed in protest, and rioting broke out. Chidambaram was delighted on seeing the postcard and, for a moment, forgot about the money dispute. November 27, at 4: Wikimedia Commons has media related to V. He was the first Tamilan of having his own ship company.

To collect funds for it and sells shares of the company, he toured the country despite his son being ill.

K Shanmugam and Subramanya Barathi by S. He was born at Vandanam south in a house near Vadakkuvai Selliamman Koil. March 17, at 2: Chidambaram Pillai, who had long been interested in essayy welfare, and the striking workers quickly gained the sympathy and support of the people of Tuticorin.

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VOC, who was soon transferred from Palayamkottai Jail to Coimbatore Central Prison, suffered much at the hands of his jailors, in particular a warder nicknamed ‘konaiyan’ ‘the curved one’. His courage and determination to run the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company against the stern opposition of the British traders and the Imperial Governmentwon the proud acclaim of one and all Nationalism is or ought to be not merely a political creed but a religious aspiration and a moral attitude.


Gallia, was delivered in May and the second, S. Notify me by email when others post comments to this article.

V O Chimdambaram pillai, one of the freedom fighters of Tamilnadu.

November 18, at 7: Chidambaram and Subramanya Siva led the strike. Appreciating these efforts of VOC, Bharathi wrote in “India” that the country was as happy as a mother who had just delivered two children alluding the ships.

vo chidambaram essay

VOC was no doubt relieved and delighted. The sentence that was imposed on him was not ‘simple imprisonment’. However, abject poverty did not deter him from chidambarma part in Swadeshi movement.

These were chkdambaram years before the arrival of Gandhi on the Indian political landscape. Dheeran chinnamalai was such a bold man who never experience the fear.

vo chidambaram essay

Views Read Edit View history. Lawoe for the company and commenced regular services between Tuticorin and Colombo against the opposition of the British traders and the Imperial Government. Chidambarak Chennai, Chidambaram met Ramakrishnananthar, a saint who belonged to Swami Vivekananda Ashram monasterywho advised him to “do something for the nation”.

He was not allowed to return to Thirunelveli and he was debarred from practising law. Their easay started early, at about 5 a.


V.O. Chidambaram Pillai – கப்பலோட்டிய தமிழன் – V.O.C.

Gandhi would of course have none of it. Mail Us – truth is a pathless land – Home. The management agreed to meet their demands. V O Chidambaram Pillai spent such an impoverished lifestyle after he was released from prison that Justice Wallace who sentenced Chidsmbaram O C to prison restored his bar license.

vo chidambaram essay

With the remaining money I have settled all my debts except one of Rs. In this article you can find list of freedom fighters from Tamilnadu who served for Indian Independence. However, his biggest blow came upon release from jail. He was jailed in the central prison in Coimbatore and Kannanoor where he was subjected to intense labour.

Forbidden history: V.O. Chidambaram Pillai

He had some lengthy correspondence with Gandhi on the subject. In Kannada film director B. Apart from the Madras press, even the Amrita Bazaar Patrika from Kolkata Calcutta carried reports of his prosecution every day.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to V.

Here came the first poignant moment in the exchange.