Hampton, Kerry Towards a feminist philosophy of fertility consciousness. Loh, Ngiap Chew Psychographic segmentation study of Singaporean tourists. Lenc, Emil Digital image transformation and compression. Cai, Zibo Impulse radio intrabody communication system for wireless body area networks. Foley, Patrick Wayne Course climate, student stress and practitioner burnout. Anderson, Deidre Lifeskill intervention and elite athletic performance. Astell, Katie J Effects of Caralluma fimbriata extract on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

Herath, LiyanaArachchige Sanjeewani Rupika Development and evaluation of low density polyethylene-based antimicrobial food packaging films containing natural agents. Ives, Robert V Reduction of the parameter estimation time for an adaptive control system. Messinis, George Habit Modification in Consumption: It also situates such military settlement practices in the context of the wider British Empire. Atkinson, Jaclyn Reflective practice in an osteopathic student clinic: Nand, Anbhawa Intragrating sensing using chirped optical fibre Bragg gratings.

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Azhar, Aftab H Short term planning and operation of irrigation systems. Eden, Dzulzalani Workplace dispute resolution in Malaysia: Fazel, Fatemeh The effects of different types of imagery delivery on performance and self-efficacy.

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Everitt-Deering, Patricia The adoption of information and communication technologies by rural general practitioners: Elderkin, Tania Retention of graduates of critical care nursing courses undertaken in Victorian regional centres between and Kaddu, Ssenyomo Charles Low coherence fibre optic Fabry-Perot sensors suitable for multiplexed strain measurement.


Hellyer, David The effect of prophylactic ankle braces on postural sway.

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Ma, Jiangang Towards efficient collaboration for e-service transaction management: Cahill, Michael Governance in sport and recreation organisations: Mavroudis, Paul Into the Wind: Betteridge, Scott Sheng-Yi The role of nitrates in skeletal muscle metabolism thssis contraction.

Connell, Lisa Mary Human-trafficking for sexual exploitation in Australia: Nasution, Yuanita Coping strategies used by Indonesian elite badminton players.

Lee, Cheng-Fei An investigation of factors determining the competitiveness of Taiwan’s hot springs tourism sector. Birch, Lesley Jane Telling stories: Bui, Lan The influence of formulation and processing on the retention of B vitamins in Asian noodles.

DuRinck, Lachlan The inevitable Australian republic and the unlearning of traditional national identity. Jutrisa, Ivan Zvonko Reliable satellite broadcast transmission: Maquignaz, Laura Strategy formulation in community organisations.

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Gogoasa, Ion Fibre optic sensor for speed measurement. Carroll, Jeanne Primary school teachers’ views of mathematics teaching and learning. Bergami, Roberto Technical barriers to trade for the importation of Australian veterinary biological vaccines to the Databaze Union. P Beyond the divide: Kenney, Megan Functional instability of the ankle and its relationship to the Q angle.


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Cappello, Anthony To be or not to be an Italian: Deans, Cecil Nurses’ responses to work-related aggression. Delpero, Jackie The tide of history: Boyle, Mark Do you like my pics?

Duong, Maggie Access control model and labelling scheme for efficient querying and updating XML data. Kosowski, Hania Re-reading migrant writing: The study focuses on selected aspects of the history of nineteenth-century war and settlement.

Contact Us Send Feedback. Liu, Sarah The impact of borderline personality traits on commitment in romantic relationships: Kannan, Selvi Perspectives on knowledge retention and loss from expert attrition: Amirkhanzadeh, Robabeh High resolution integrated passive phase shifters for future wireless communications.