Any violation of school policies while on a field trip will have the same consequences as would apply in the classroom or on school property. Sometimes students will have reading assignments given by their teachers. Although BCSS has many after school activities, only students involved directly in these activities are supervised. The following procedures must be followed,. Items found in lockers will be deemed the property of the registered user.

Sometimes students will have reading assignments given by their teachers. The staff of the school includes administration, teachers, support staff, caretaking, coaches, athletic personnel, bus drivers and school volunteers. All students must be in BCSS uniform when attending a school field trip. Our guidelines support student learning and recognizes the importance of personal and family well-being. If an examination is missed, students must present supporting documentation, such as medical certificates and court orders, to a school administrator within 24 hours.

yrdsb homework policy

The cafeteria is provided for student convenience. Students must not leave money and valuables in lockers or in the Physical Education change rooms.

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It develops with practice. Inform teacher by note, phone, etc. Students are to remain homewokr until given permission to leave. If you do not consent to the release of student information for these purposes, or if you do not wish to homewotk your name, photo or work displayed, published or broadcast, please inform the principal in writing. It provides meals, snacks, and beverages. Clearly outline instructions, expectations and evaluation criteria.


Homework Policy Homework Policy. Sometimes students will have reading assignments given by their teachers.


Schools are traditionally open on bad weather days although school bus service may be cancelled or delayed. Parents, guardians of students have access to this information until the student reaches the age of Video surveillance cameras are located throughout the school.

Personal items left in lockers at the end hoomework the school year will be given to charity. It is a privilege for classes and teams to attend events off site.

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At Ventura Park, students: Please read the attendance policy regarding absences. Students awaiting pick up must wait on the first floor and work quietly on homework. Items found in lockers will be deemed the property of the registered user. Articles found in and poliy the school should be brought to the office.

All exams must be written at their scheduled time. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. The York Region District Board supports school communities through its Healthy Schools Framework which fosters an integrated approach to healthy behaviours. Homewirk of cheating include, but are not limited to, the following:. Provide enough notice to teachers if the child is going to be away for an extended period of time.

Grades 10 — 12 – 90 minutes.


The principal may use the information in respect of the student to prepare reports as required under the Education Act and its regulations; for an educational institution in respect of an application for further education; and in respect of an application for employment when requested in writing by the student.

When travelling on school buses, students are representatives of Bill Crothers Secondary School and their actions reflect on all at BCSS and as such they must conduct themselves in a respectful manner. The use of cell phones is restricted to the main foyer or cafeteria during non-instructional hours. Academic honesty refers to students providing original evidence of their learning and appropriately acknowledging homedork work of others.

Homework is part of assessment for learning and may not be included in the determination of the grade. At Bill Crothers, we are a team.

If you are unsure about possible plagiarism, talk to your teacher for clarification before submitting your work. Students must put the refuge in the right containers as BCSS is a school with a focus on positive eco behaviours.

yrdsb homework policy

Up standers can stop bullying by getting help from adults as quickly as possible.