As an established kiwifruit produce company with unique product assortment, sales will not decline from a decreased scale of operations. The competition also has the same market research and promotional opportunities as Zespri. The new entrants and rivalry cannot compete with Zespri because Zespri is a mature company on their management and strong brand aspects. There are multiple fruits people can easily choose from the supermarket. But because kiwifruit is a niche market you must satisfy the buyer in order for them to pay more then the minimum, which means that buyer power is quite high.

Another last-resort option for Zespri is to issue and sell more shares to growers outside of New Zealand. However, it takes some time to see the improved sales, thus, asset turn over went down. Animal feed is excessively expensive, driving up poultry production costs and limiting production volumes; illegal poultry imports threaten food safety while undercutting prices of domestic product; corruption is rampant; debt is exorbitantly expensive; commercial real estate is sparse; and electricity is unreliable. They created a legal entity to combat global competitors as a group and not take out New Zealand growers in the process. Even though the kiwi produced by Zespri has a great deal of nutrition and great- tasting, the price is much higher than other fruits.

Firstly, Zespri and its competitors must market themselves with a differentiation strategy. Zespri has many primary and support activities that add value to the organization due to the effective and efficient management and proactive approach.

Zespri Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The goal of Zespri is to increase production and sell more kiwi fruit however the production is coming at a cost to the environment. They need each other and should go hand in hand in the future.

Rather, their focus is on connecting the market and its requirements and translating those needs back to the people who grow and pack the fruit, ensuring the product is in the right market at the right time and within each market’s specifications. After the Zespri brand was launched inexports of Zespri Gold kiwifruit began the following year.


The threat of new entrants is low. Accessed May 22, How to cite this page Choose cite format: At the same time, Zespri also exports the original three types of kiwifruit products.

zespri case study harvard

Zespri has high growing standards but due to the ideal climate to grow kiwifruit in New Zealand there are a lot of suppliers, which means supplier power is low. In doing so, they will have liquidated machinery, land, and a large amount of expenses that each supplier entails.

Finance Globalization Health Care. Cite View Details Educators Purchase. The logistics system they are currently using is working, however if they are to expand into providing a month supply of kiwifruit, then they will need to expand their supply sstudy.

The Hayward variety is now the most commonly globally-grown kiwifruit.

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Pepsi in the s Rebranding in the london docklands: The New marketing mix could improve the original strategy weakness and make it zespro suitable for different market conditions so that the managers can make decisions more flexibly based on the characteristics of different markets. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

When selecting the place, the key factor is whether Zespri can enhance the ability to sell kiwifruit more profitably. The social impact of supplying Kiwi fruit is huge at this point as it affects the lives of the growers and customers who are demanding more of it.

Meeting the global sourcing requirement 2. Reinhardt and Emer Moloney.


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The support activities that Zespri has are technology development and company infrastructure. The strategy already put into the market, and it will work for next few years.

Zespri effects the industry the most in an economic sense in that they are the price setters of the industry providing a price umbrella for the fruit thus stimulating the demand that ultimately grows the economy. There are multiple fruits people can easily choose from the supermarket. Set in Septemberthis case provides a detailed cawe at Nigeria’s poultry value chain and the complexities of modernizing a srudy and largely informal industry.

zespri case study harvard

The close relationship with suppliers also made Zespri difficult to duplicate due to the suppliers would protect their cultivated customer groups globally. The ads like Ztudy ads,online media ads, digital screen ads are also need for the new juice. Glidepath Case study 2: The primary activities that Zespri has zespei outbound logistics, marketing, and services. Byvolumes for Gold are expected to increase to around 33 million trays.

The kiwi fruit industry has experienced price drops per tray before due to a tremendous increase in supply from world growers and de-regulation of the industry.

zespri case study harvard

There is a high cost for Zespri to develop a new marketing harvars It exist potential risk for Zespri to use a new marketing mix because of uncertainty The target may not be reached in a short time.

In order to reach the objective, in existing market, Zespri should increase per capita consumption through more focused marketing.